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What's the "best" subject order?

Why you can jump right in, no matter your scientific background.
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Updated 1 year ago

We recommend that you select the course that is most interesting to your child. At this age, our goal is to promote an interest in science.

A child may start at any point in our curriculum without prior knowledge of that subject. There is no particular order of study that needs to be followed or any material in one subject that requires an understanding from another. If you were to poll the “experts”, you would find wide disparity in their opinions of which science should be studied first, and a variety of reasons why. The opinions seem to be determined as much by area of expertise as anything else.

So, there's no "required" sequence, but our usual go-to sequence for new homeschoolers is, going from 1st Grade to 8th grade: Bio 1, Chem 1, Phys 1, Bio 2, Chem 2, Phys 2, Chem 3, Phys 3.

But if it's your first time using Noeo and your 2nd grade kid(s) is especially interested in animals and other nature in your backyard, you can start with Bio 1. If they're more interested in rocks, wood, and mixing things, perhaps Chem 1 would be a great first-time bundle. Or, if they like gadgets and making things move, perhaps Phys 1 is the place to start. Again, our goal is to develop their interest in science. For extra assistance, message our science curriculum advisors on Facebook by clicking here.

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