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Can multiple kids in different grades share one package?

Noeo Science curriculum was designed to be shared.
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A single package can be shared with multiple students and with various ages of children.

If you do not buy the Lab Manual, the notebook pages are reproducible online for multiple students. The experiment kits can be shared with several students at the same time. Some consumable materials, such as owl pellets, may need to be replaced if you plan to save the kits for younger children to use in subsequent years; these can be purchased separately on the site.

Here's how you can find out if your kids can share one package.

We have three levels for Noeo Science:

Level 1: reading level grades 1-3

Level 2: reading level grades 4-6

Level 3: reading level grades 7-8

Noeo models the family-centric approach to science, so if you have multiple kids in close age ranges or reading levels, you can pick a package that they can read and do it together!

However if the age/reading level differences are larger than our levels, there's another way to use Noeo.

So you can look at the contents of Bio 1 (or any other Level 1 subject) and see if it looks too young for your oldest. If it does look too young, you can either look at the Bio 2 (or any of the other Level 2 packages) and see if they look too old for your youngest, or if your youngest will be able to move up.

That's how they can share one package. So start by picking whichever one looks the most interesting to your kids!

If you have children with widely varied ages, then you may want to consider using a Level I and a Level II program simultaneously. However, others have successfully used our curriculum by having the younger student(s) “listen in” on the Level II study. This is typically done with the understanding that the younger children will hear the information again at a later date.

For extra assistance, message us on our website or chat with our science curriculum advisors using the chat icon below.

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