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Can I order only some and not all of the books in a package

You can exclude books for future levels, but we don't sell books individually.
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Updated 1 year ago

Yes and No.

It is possible to exclude only books that will be re-used later in the curriculum.

To accommodate those that use their library or already own some of the titles, we list the individual titles for each package.

However, we do not sell each title independent of the whole package. To purchase these books separately, we recommend finding them on Amazon. Only the Experiment Kits, the Instructor’s Guides, and Lab Manuals are available individually.

Please keep in mind that our curriculum is intended to be used as a complete program. It will not be nearly as effective if only a few books are used or the experiments are excluded. However, if you have a great library nearby and can organize your checkout times to correspond to your schedule, then you can definitely use our program successfully.

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