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Is there anything else that I have to buy?

Here are details on what's included and what's not included in a Noeo Science package.
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The Noeo Packages (Bio 1 & 2; Phys 1, 2, & 3; Chem 1, 2, & 3) contain everything you need for a year of science: a lab manual, experiments and materials, books, and an instructor's guide organizing and schedule a year of reading and experiments.

However, the packages do not contain common household materials, such as baking soda or washers or butter. Our experiment kits bring you uncommon materials like microscopes, owl pellets, terrariums, and more that average households will not have.

Most parents find that after 36 weeks, almost all of the experiments were doable with household materials easily found in stores and our science kits. Some leave us reviews thanking us for providing "everything but faucet water" in Noeo Science Packages.

Note: You still have to buy certain household materials if you do not have them. Noeo helps you with buying out of the ordinary materials but it does not include things like thumbtacks and scissors. If we included absolutely everything, we would not be able to make this homeschool curriculum as affordable as possible. So we provide you with everything but faucet water and other household goods.  

You can find a comprehensive list here of the household materials which will be used in the experiments for the entire year. Or simply choose a product from any subject, then find Inside Noeo and click Free Resources to Download and view the common household materials from there.

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