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Why aren't there Noeo Packages for high school or Biology 3?

Our long-term plans are to focus on serving grades 1-8.
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Updated 1 year ago

We have had numerous inquiries about development of the curriculum for ages 13 and up or grades 9+.

We actually aren't planning on making high school curriculum at this time.

That's because at 9th Grade point students are in high school and need a transcript-friendly textbook with tests, quizzes, experiments, and labs that will look good on a transcript and on a college application.

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In the meantime, Christians will enjoy the Riot and the Dance Foundational Biology functions as our high school "level 3" Biology offering from an explicitly Christian, YEC standpoint, which is eligible for high school credit. It's written by the same Dr. Gordon Wilson in the nature documentary "The Riot and the Dance" available on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

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