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Do Instructor's Guides include commentary or just schedules?

They coordinate far more than "read this book, then this book."
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Updated 1 year ago

Instructor's Guides provide minimal commentary but coordinate books with experiments by giving you an easy-to-tweak schedule. The time and money it saves you is a bargain.

We provide occasional commentary, but the books and experiment kits provide the substance of the program. Typically, our comments clarify an assignment, point out a minor error in a text, or note an upcoming topic that may prompt further discussion.

Our instructor's guides are designed to provide a logically organized structure to the reading assignments, experiments, and activities. However, they are much more than just schedules. They allow you to use multiple books and experiment kits concurrently, rather than simply "read this book, then this book."

In this sample, the week ends in an experiment that actually relates closely to the reading and multiple books add variety to the topic being studied. The guides also include vocabulary word lists and samples of reproducible lab sheets which you can also get separately as lab manuals.

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